A brief history…

In the 1970’s paint systems were not too advanced and many valuable assets were victims of rust…



…so, with such a need for improved paint systems, paint technology evolved…

…and paint manufacturing went from this:


to this:


Ever since, paint technology has improved and today’s assets are far better protected


There’s a but – a VERY BIG BUT…   ……steel still rusts……


So there was a definite need for a treatment to stop rust and prevent it spreading.

An English Scientist and his colleague had an inspiration – they researched and developed what became known as Neutrarust

It wasn’t a quick process – it took them over a year.

The ‘Eureka’ moment came when at trial formulation number 661 – they finally made it work!

And so, the product took the ‘now famous’ name of Neutrarust 661.

Then came the rush!

As word spread of this ‘Wonder Product’, Neutrarust International was formed and the first major breakthrough was the M.O.D. (tried and tested and approved with a NATO Codification).

At the time of the Falklands War, the British Fleet was in need of some paint and then came the USA.

The business grew and appointed various distributors around the world.

Then the sad ending…

Sadly, the man who had driven the development and marketing of Neutrarust died in his sleep in 1990.

Without proper management, the business suffered over the following years until the year 2000.

The company that became Global Corrosion Solutions was formed with a view to make the product more available in the United Kingdom.

This success lead to the company obtaining the worldwide rights to the product.

Further security was obtained when the Intellectual Property Rights to the formulas were assigned in 2010 from the direct descendant of the inventor.

Global Corrosion Solutions Ltd are now in the process of rebuilding the worldwide network of distributors.

As far as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East is concerned, we are proud to have partnered with Emkanat Trading (who have been appointed as our Official Distributors).