First Class References

In health

Beewair technology is already been used by many health care professionals who have been able to test and approve the process and benefits.


In industry

Worldwide renowned industrials like ALSTOM wished to benefit from the Beewair Inside technology. Projects are currently in progress.

Beewair can also intervene on sites like SEVESO and GYPHISE to offer solutions for industries most susceptible to pollution (Zone ATEX : EXplosive ATmosphere).

Factories have kept operating and jobs have been saved thanks to the solutions put in place by Beewair which have met with air quality standards and kept the site in question open.


In daily life

Smokers and their relatives, allergy sufferers and the elderly have immediately seen their well being and comfort considerably improved with the treatment of their homes by the Beewair Inside technology (no morning cough, less eye irritation…).

  • Beewair is backed by OSEO and by the General Council of Burgundy
  • Beewair has received the gold medal at the ”concours“ LEPINE PARIS 2013
  • Beewair has received a medal from the foreign trade minister