Inside technology

Current solutions and theirs limits

Air treatment of indoor air is our days by in large treated in 3 ways:

  • Filtration (classic filter HEPA ..) keeps unwanted particles without destroying them, and potentially could create secondary contamination sources. Furthermore the filter once clogged becomes inefficient.
  • Sprays conceal odours and doesn’t provide an answer to pollution or air contamination creating secondary contamination.
  • Atomisation systems disinfect surfaces by air way. It’s a continuous surface treatment which doesn’t act on pollutants.

A fourth way emerged about 10 years ago. It involves the oxidation of the molecules in the air in order to directly degrade pollutants and contamination. Two technologies have been developed:

  • Photo catalysis is a development of air treatment by UVc, already known. A specific catalyst is applied on a surface which is then subject to UV radiation thus allowing just on contact the degradation of pollutants and contaminants. Such technology has therefore quickly reached the limit as the process is slow, mainly for odours. It requires most of the time, large costly and noisy appliances.
  • Ozonation/Ionization produces ozone. Ozone is an oxidant long used in water treatment. Sprayed in the room, this molecule is very effective to deodorize and decontaminate. But the efficiency is linked to its density which represents a real danger for health beyond a given threshold. Such method has already been banned since 2007 in many states in the U.S.A. Furthermore some studies have shown that ozone contributes to the formation of formaldehyde (volatile organic compound (cov) toxic, irritating for the eyes, nose and throat).

Innovative and patented solution from BEEWAIR

Beewair has developed a unique technology named Beewair Inside technology that consist in cutting out all molecules from contaminants (viruses, bacteria, germs, mould, allergens, COV,odours) by a physic-chemical method patented called DBD-Lyse (Dielectric Barrier Discharge) in a treatment room (reactor) before mineralization (reforming back to stable molecules already naturally found in the air, nitrogen, oxygen, water…) to restore air to its original clean state.

All air going through the Beewair solutions is then treated without producing intermediate residues (complete reaction not partial).

The treatment can be operating continuously in all safety in presence of humans, animals or food items.

Autonomous or integrated for small or very large spaces, the equipment can operate daily without up keep .


beewair-6The first maintenance done after 20.000 hours of use (more than 2 years continuously) and a low electric consumption makes these systems user friendly and economical.

Provided with a sensor for the COV, standby lights allow you to check the treatment performance.