About Beewair

BEEWAIR is a French company which specialize in indoor air treatment. It has the ambition to become the world reference in the field of indoor air treatment and to become the “Intel” of decontamination and deodorisation.

The innovative patented product developed by Beewair allows decontamination and removal of odours simultaneously and effectively without chemicals and secondary residues. This technology ensures a better air quality in enclosed spaces, preserving health ,improving well being and comfort for the occupants. It allows everyone to maintain good health and to regenerate natural defenses.

It also reduces absenteeism and maximises productivity in some sectors like waste recycling and food processing.


Beewair would like to benefit from their technological advances to increase awareness in the market and make their mark as an international leader knowing that the current market is overall split and less efficient. It has identified many areas in the market (individuals, medical, industries, food industries, construction, etc) for which it has already developed dedicated solutions and a standard product range.

It has the ability for all sector activity to consider the problem and offer an effective and bespoke solution at a competitive cost. With a team of highly specialised engineers in their design office, Beewair wishes to focus on R&D and continue to innovate (regular patent application) and to maintain their competitive advance.

To manufacture and market their technology, they have decided to work in conjunction with distribution and production professionals. For this, Beewair has raised funds in 2012 necessary for its growth. It has already established additional partnerships with market business leaders, such as Emkanat Trading, and hopes to develop others.