Our health has always been a prime concern, and all that can be harmful needs our utmost attention. It is now recognized that air pollution plays a decisive role in the occurrence of pathogens such as cancers, rhinitis, asthma allergies or irritants.

beewair-1Today we spent most of our time inside (car, home, office…) where we breathe air 5 to 20 times more polluted that outdoor air. This has a direct impact on our health and significantly increases the number of pathogens and allergy sufferers (increase of 100% in 20 years).

All national authorities have recognized as a major public health issue the consideration of environmental factors on health and improvement on air quality. In accordance with its European obligations France has introduced a PNSE (national plan for health and environment) as a response and put in place a regulation of indoor air.

Air is highly polluted; it is now time to decontaminate it. Forget spays, filters, or ineffective oxidation or pollutants. Beewair, a French innovative company, after many years of research has developed a patented certified technology which purifiesair, quickly and effectively eliminates chemical pollutants, microorganisms, virus, mildew and odours without generating secondary pollution. It is already been used by many health professionals and big names of industries.


Thanks to this forefront technology, Beewair (via Emkanat Trading) offers a unique solution of sanitation for indoor air which will protect the home and preserve resident’s health.

The unique Beewair Inside Technology already meets future standards and will make it possible to achieve set objectives in air improvement.