About Us

Emkanat I.T. provides a high quality service to displaced learners enabling greater access to the best possible educational and social opportunities through the creation of on-line learning communities.


We work in partnership with Local Authorities and other stakeholders, securing online service providing accessible, interactive education.

We enroll students from all over the Middle East, providing online access to up-to-date information on progress & attendance of each student.

Providing young people with a Learning Pathway to help them achieve qualifications and lifelong learning opportunities.

The NVA Programme consists of:

  • Key Stage Three and Four
  • GCSE qualifications
  • AS Levels
  • Key Skills and Basic Skills (Nisai Passport 2 Learning)

This works highly effectively by improving outcomes to young people out of school.


  • Higher rates of achievement
  • Re-engaging disaffected learners
  • Higher attendance rates
  • Reintegration into mainstream education
  • Building self-esteem
  • Value for Money
  • Using specialist teachers more effectively
  • Reusing learning materials (assignments & recordings)
  • Providing hard to reach with range of targeted services

NVA Academic Results:

2003-2004: 53% of GCSEs were A-C Grades
2004-2005– 53% of GCSEs were A*-C Grades – National Average for this year was 51%
2005-2006 Academic Year – 67% of GCSEs were A*-C Grades – National Average was 62.4%.
2005-2006 Academic Year – 100% pass rate for AS Level – 85% were A-C Grades.