Emkanat Alamar is renowned for its inclusiveness, professionalism and integration in performance

Recent Work

A selection of some of the varied professional projects recently undertaken by Emkanat Alamar

Mr. Badr Al-Rabiah

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Villa Jarallah

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Emirate of Najran

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More About Our Company

Based on our work for the implementation of projects, many of the activities of various practices our enterprise enjoys a mixture of local and international expertise with vast experience in various areas of implementations such as residential buildings, commercial, administrative, industrial, hotels, resorts, educational, and government buildings, sports stadiums, military buildings, and infrastructure work.

Each project will have a dedicated administrative and distinguished engineering specialist (architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical) in the field of consulting engineering, construction and industrial applications to provide our services at the highest possible standard captivating care of the smallest details of the implementation to meet all the needs of the client in terms of achieving the exquisiteness of the product, quality control, cost control and delivery of the project within the time specified in order to satisfy all parties involved in the project.

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